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Propensities — or meditations on form

The hidden dimensions of water’s dynamic structure do not reveal themselves by meditating upon its myriad of forms, but instead upon close inspection of their internal processes of formation. Instead of discussing form as an end in itself, it is fundamental to examine the ensemble of forms and their immediate context. Rather than reviewing the qualities of static shells, we should think of form as temporary plateaus of stability within a schema of becoming. We should ask ourselves: How are forms born and endowed with duration in an environment of unending process and change?...

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Holofields of consciousness — Opportunities in a time of identity crisis

Every moment in our lives carries with it the memory of what was before and an inkling of what is there to come.

Our individual place in the unfolding of history is a puzzling question. All of us witness events of momentous magnitude play out before our very own eyes while we ponder our individual roles in a time of acute trouble.

We can find companions, characters experiencing similar dilemma, in the story of early 20th century novels... 

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TURBULENT TIMES— Covid-19, Crisis, Reboot?

The unpredictable forces unleashed by the current Covid-19 pandemic have revealed the vulnerability of an entire global system. Covid has lifted the veil of what was long concealed behind projections of never-ending progress and capital growth: We have shifted far from equilibrium, demanding vast amounts of energy simply to maintain fragile stability. The current crisis is a consequence of the long latent fragility within our system. We have driven our global order from international connection to international interdependence. At the same time, we have removed natural and human-made buffers from ecological, geopolitical, and financial structures in order to run on a more efficient short-term schedule. 

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Architecture through the looking glass

Our bodies and minds are constantly engulfed in a tangled multitude of sensory information from our environment, hitting our cognitive apparatus. We are not just consuming this information, our brains are helping us build unique storylines from the fragments that enter our consciousness.
Our brains create and curate the worlds we live in.

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