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info@resonantmatter .space

tel. 347-423-6250

Based in Brooklyn

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RESONANT MATTER is an Art and Design practice based in Brooklyn, NY.

Our work is focused on the intersection between natural, built, and digital environments. What drives us are ideas of transformation, perception, and resonance across human and more than human ecologies.​

Noel Hernandez

Viktoria Luisa Barbo

Noel is focused on the potential of materials, both in their transformations and their effects on human perception. Though trained as an architect, Noel has always gravitated towards working in the interstitial space between professions. Having worked with some of the world's leading artists to develop their ideas into a built reality, he brings years of fabrication and design experience to the table.

With a technical foundation in Architecture & Art, from the Bauhaus to Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, Viktoria is interested in ideas surrounding the cultural and spatial effects of perception and ecology. 

She has previously worked for internationally acclaimed offices in Japan, America, and Germany, as well as a visiting critic at Columbia University and Pratt Institute.

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