We have come far on the journey to explore, in the search for answers. We have climbed mountains, entered the 
stratosphere, even explored the universe. We
have come far, but on this journey
we have forgotten the questions: 
Where do we come from? Where are we headed? What are we?Many answers to these big questions are so much closer than we dare to think. The 
path to finding them begins right under 
our feet. 

We are embedded in a fi eld of sensory experience full of smell, sound, touch, taste, and color in constant flux. Emit-tedfrom the environment, pressed onto bodies and minds, each organism imprinted while leaving its own. The human is an organism like any other: an open, breathing, membrane in ex-changewith its surroundings. Figure and ground are not separated, they join at our feet. We cannot take the human out of nature, because we cannot take nature out of the human. 

coMciência, Brazil 

Constructed Natures

This installation created for the exhibition "Time Crystals Emergences in the cracks of the present" follows the stories lying hidden in the cracks of this planet. It wraps the visitor into a full experience of sound, smell, light and  touch. It lets us discover the beautiful complex reality we live in. A reality in which we enter into an open exchange with our environment. Sound pulses 
from the earth through your body as you walk through the field, a slight fog renders air visible, the smell of soil teaming with life, suddenly you realize that every step you take changes the 
field you are in. 


A relationship of reciprocal and perpetual
change, an adaptation building upon one another.

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