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Feral Pastures explores ideas of character in architecture, a tectonics based aesthetic, and a renewed interest in subject-subject relationships which culminated in a lecture and gallery exhibition.

The exhibition was organized around a narrative structure, the main protaganist of which was built at 1/4 scale and inserted into the gallery. 


 University of Michigan

“Emerging Student Research Grant”

Feral Pastures


Tim Dudas, Andy Linn, Eric Sheffield

The research traces the evolution of the “Feral” house, details the lives it lives, and speculates on the lives it has yet to live. The “ideal” domesticated house is traded in for one that exploits its formal potential, producing multiple readings of itself through various operations: splitting, cracking, bowing, bending, leaning, and falling its way into character. The postures of the Feral House become more akin to that of an animal than any domestic space, producing new relationships between the house and its subjects, a familiar stranger to the domestic landscape. 

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