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Our projects follow the cracks of the earth. They are the story of entangled fractures of human and nonhuman realities. We are telling stories beyond nature as a backdrop to human action but of polyphonic relationships in nature.

Art Work


Dirt carries in it memories of what came before, both literally and figuratively. An infolding of memory, energy, and sense of place. Plastic has become embedded in this history, in the very foundations of the earth which we live on/from. The boundary between the earth and ourselves, if ever it existed, becoming increasingly intertwined.


Man-made materials are dispersed throughout the natural environment. They are merging with organic materials to a point of no distinction. Plastics can be found today in most bodies of water and earth. These elements then enter our body which is part of nature. We ourselves are becoming partially plastic.

Ripples of human action have merged into waves that are crashing against the human shore.  

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