“Altered Atmospheres” builds on the notion of the human as a porous, boundaryless, and active participant with the environment: an open and breathing membrane in constant exchange with its surroundings. Moving away from a binary understanding of right and wrong, we explore the question: ​

What does it mean to live as an active participant within an environment? ​

What is gained from dissolving the idea of interior and exterior? 

What is gained from questioning the notion of boundaries themselves?

Trentino, Italy

Altered Atmospheres

We are embedded in a field of sensory experience in constant flux, full of smell, sound, touch, taste, and color that is emitted from the environment and pressed into our bodies and minds. Perception as the simultaneous exchange of information between the mind, body, and environment. Information oscillating in and out of the body, shaping us and our context in perpetual flux.

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