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Meet Viktoria Luisa Barbo, the Creative Director of Resonant Matter, a visionary force in the world of design. Having worked on projects for influential brands including Blue Bottle Coffee, and Aesop in collaboration with renowned designers, artists, and architects in Japan, America, and Germany, Viktoria brings a wealth of experience to every project she undertakes. 


Her passion for design and sustainability extends beyond her work as she actively shares her expertise as a guest lecturer at prestigious institutions such as the Parsons School of Design and Pratt Institute, focusing on the crucial subject of sustainability and life cycle design. Recognized as a respected voice in the field, Viktoria also frequently serves as a guest critic across esteemed design institutions including Columbia University, SCI-Arc, and the Cooper Union. 


Viktoria's boundless curiosity is centered around the fascinating interplay between culture, space, perception, and ecology. Her research delves into the intricate relationships between natural, built, and digital environments, exploring concepts of transformation, perception, and resonance. Join Viktoria Luisa Barbo on her captivating journey as she unravels the profound impact of design on our world, unveiling ever new possibilities.


Resonant Matter is a design and production studio specializing in creating dynamic spatial experiences, objects, and identities. Our holistic approach considers the needs of people and their environments, from a visual identity to a commercial interior or a pop-up space. We collaborate with clients to tell their story and differentiate their brand through thoughtful design.



based in Brooklyn, NY


We believe that a well-crafted narrative is at the heart of every meaningful experience. It's not just about telling a story, it's about creating a strategic storyline that imbues every aspect of an immersive and sustainable experience with purpose and significance.



We believe that the human experience in its full bandwidth should always be at the forefront. We strive to create immersive experiences that resonate with people on a deep level, whether that's a long term space, a temporary pop-up 
experience, a visual identity or an object.


We believe that every space should be purposeful and intentional, each decision carefully crafted to create a cohesive and engaging experience. We strive to create spaces that feel welcoming, enhance the user experience and are yet easy to navigate.


We're dedicated to collaborating with businesses that share our vision of creating a better world, supporting organizations that prioritize sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical practices. We believe that creating meaningful change requires a collective effort, and we're committed to working alongside our clients to achieve their goals. Whether you're a startup with a bold vision for the future or an established business looking to pivot towards more sustainable practices, we're here to help.

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